Superbook – Olinger: Home Recordings Summer 2013 (MP3)


UPDL11 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Hype (Acoustic) (1:40)
Hi + Lois
Bye (Starry Cat Cover)
Secret Message
Sidewalk Surfing Safair
Hype (Pt 2)
In Football Season
Secret Message [(Demo) Bonus Track]
My Dinner with Wallace Shawn (Bonus Track)
Major Leagues [(Pavement) Bonus Track]
Untitled Demo (Bonus Track)
End (Bonus Track)

Superbook is the solo recording project of Jude Noel, “A 15-year-old full-time music nerd, part-time critic, and all-around Shoegazer.” When not looking at his shoes, he records contemplative pop songs and noise meanderings that sound as 1990s as you can get.
Check out his zine and blog Half-Gifts.

Excerpt from “Olinger”