Impulsive Machinations – Live at the Record Room 2013 (MP3)


UPDL06 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Live (21:36)

Impulsive Machinations is Thollem Electic and Sara Lund.
Extreme keyboardist Thollem McDonas lets it loose on a Fender Rhodes propelled forward by Sara Lund’s snare pops and cymbal grabs. To re-quote a wise man, “Like Sun Ra landed on planet Unwound.”

In-Store concert at the Record Room – Portland, Oregon, USofA – July 27, 2013
Sara Lund (Unwound, Hungry Ghost, Corin Tucker Band) – Drums
Thollem Electric (Tsigoti, Hand To Man Band) – Rhodes/analog effects
Photo by: Angela C Villa

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Excerpt from “Live”