Eric Ostrowski – The Rainbow Leprechaun (MP3)


UPDL01 – Digital Download
Track Listing

1. The Rainbow Leprechaun – Side A (14:58)
2. The Rainbow Leprechaun – Side B (14:59)

Two side-long tracks of screech and holler made in the standard one-man-band format of guitar, drums, violin and pocket flute. Side A starts and finishes with a nice unrelenting blast. Side B carries the torch but evolves into a wandering reflective dirge mid-way when the little guy comes approaches the end of the rainbow. And then it picks right back up again when he gets his gold and makes a run for it.

All instruments played and recorded by Eric Ostrowski, guitarist from the Union Pole recording artist Noggin. This digital release comes with instructions for making your own cassette tape.

Excerpt from “Side B”: