Language is the Virus – Vol. 1 (MP3)


UPDL10 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Happy (2:46)
Forgotten (2:34)
Colours (2:01)
20 mg (2:15)
10 mg (3:25)
Final (2:11)
Test Strips (1:28)
The Adventures of Rupert Clarington (3:45)
Trampoline Sadness (4:03)
O.C.D. (1:31)

Cavernous drones and lilting guitar lines take us there. Where? There. Chris Bell’s from-the-gut vocals get mixed with Supreme-Dicksian psuedo-classical to nice effect. All recordings made by one individual. Yeah, it’s a solo-project.

Excerpt from “The Adventures of Rupert Clarington”