No Friends Band – To All My Friends (MP3 or Cassette Tape)


UPDL17 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

Upon the Open Wide (3:31)
Another Day in the Dream Museum (4:25)
Lie Machine (3:31)
Drifter’s Escape (3:58)
War All the Time (2:21)
Earthquake Bummer (2:25)
Unknown Passage (5:39)
Future Mind and the Infinity Trigger (5:04)
Fly By Shooting(2:59)
Street Waves (3:04)
Instro (3:03)
Stems (3:38)
Desolation Row (10:06)

13 rock and roll ditties by Kevin Cascell (Trumans Water, Osmotic Tongue Pressure) and none of his friends. What the “Get Up In It Boys” could have become if they ever got up in it. Which they didn’t. Get your Trux on!

Recorded in 2 or 3 basements in Portland, Oregon between 1997 and 2004 straight to four-track. Unearthed after a morning coffee discussion this past fall in Kevin’s kitchen.

NO FRIENDS BAND is kcascell.
John Schier plays drums on 3 and 6.
4 and 13 by Bob Dylan, 7 by Dead Moon, 10 by Pere Ubu
Thanks to Evan @ Red Lantern.
Artwork by Kevin Cascell

Excerpt from “Drifter’s Escape”

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