A Band – Abandon (MP3)


UPDL05 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Side A – Abandon (30:24)

The A Band recording artist collective returns to the label at last. Welcome back old friend. 20+ years later, no sell-out in site, the drum-circle mania continues. Beautiful hippies. The ever-revolving and ever-evolving line-up (the wikipedia entry claims 40+ current members and 20+ past members) turns out a doozy here. What some people do for a Christmas party will forever amaze.

Recorded live on Tuesday the 20th of December 2011
At The Dym Christmas Party @ The Farm, Hove
Performed by Kev, Dolly, Jonas, Sharen, Felix, Verity, Karl, Chloe, Ben, Shanna & Marcus
Artwork by Mim, Philip & Karl

Excerpt from “Side A – Abandon”: