Ayami Suzuki & Takashi Masubuchi – Featherland (MP3 or Cassette Tape)



UPDL29 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

Hymn for Woods
Still Walking
Late August
Dust Trail

This album is a collection of folk songs and hymns from an imaginary place called Featherland. Featherland is the first recordings made by two improvisers working primarily in Tokyo.

Takashi Masubuchi is a guitarist influenced by blues, folk, minimal music, and Morton Feldman.

Ayami Suzuki is a vocalist with roots in Celtic music and ambient music. She also works as a songwriter.

Masubuchi and Suzuki performed as a duo for the first time on April 24th 2021 at Permian in Tokyo. The title track is a live recording from that session. The duo played again on August 28th 2021 at OTOOTO, also in Tokyo. The first six tracks are cut from that live performance.

All performances are completely improvised, acoustic, and performed without the use of microphones.

Ayami Suzuki – Voice
Takashi Masubuchi – Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Takashi Masubuchi
Mixed and mastered by Takuro Okada
Design and artwork by Pei Chi Wu

Listen to “Dawn”

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