Corey J Brewer – Denver International Airport (MP3)


UPDL07 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Rider Slumps (5:40)
Kingdom of Heaven (11:54)
To Seed (4:48)
Enthrall (7:14)
Spirit Curtain (3:46)
Street Sweat (3:45)
Denver Airport (9:39)

The man behind two “Harpin’ with Corey” tape releases (those were done as a teenager) is still at it. While he may be all grown up now, the output continues to be full of fun twists. 7 pop-lounge songs originating in the idea of making a sample based pop album built almost exclusively from self generated free improvisations & noise, Denver International Airport is a sprawling assemblage of beats, fiction idiophones (saw, wine glasses, sheet metal), synth drones, melodic guitar lines and loungy vocals focusing on various conspiracy theories, mythologies, and occult whatchamacallit.

Performed and assembled by Corey J Brewer in Terrorlab Studio July 2013.

Excerpt from “Street Sweat”