Mummy Brown – The Sophisticate


UPDL33 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

You’re Beautiful. You’re Sexy. (Hey Mommy)
Poppin’ It Hot

“The Sophisticate” was recorded live at Bad Head vol. 16 at Pintology in Sasazuka, Tokyo by Kyle Broyles in March of the year of our Lord 2024. “The Sophisticate” was extended into aural form by Mummy Brown with help from Zongamin, Halcali, Mat Brinkman, E*Rock, Fannypack, Spank Rock and Drop the Lime. And MASF. And Evil Moisture. And Hanatarash.
Cassette tapes in vivid pink and blue. Tape labels printed upside down for all you with downloader decks.
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