XXX TIPEX – Pointless (MP3)


UPDL19 – Digital Download
Track Listing

Pointless (27:57)

The XXX TIPEX orchestra scraps and burps through nearly 28 minutes of rummaged sound. Straight nasty Rummaging.
rum·mage (rmj)
v. rum·maged, rum·mag·ing, rum·mag·es
1. To search thoroughly by handling, turning over, or disarranging the contents of.
2. To discover by searching thoroughly.
To make an energetic, usually hasty search.
1. A thorough search among a number of things.
2. A confusion of miscellaneous articles.

Henry Collins – Junk, Piano
Taigen Kawabe – Vocals
Mark Jennings – Vocals
Kathy Alberici – Violin
Adam Martin – Saxophone
Ben Hudson – Guitar
Danny Quinn – Piano
Alex Young – Vocals
Robin Foster – Drums
Antonio Ignacio Esteban – Flute
Tim Drage – Electronics
Collaged and edited by Henry Collins, 2014

Excerpt from “Pointless”