Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive: WITH! (MP3)


UPDL13 – Digital Download

Full Title: Electric Piano and Drums – Impulsive Machinations with a Punk World Noise Insensibility

Track Listing

Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Csendes (3:47)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Wayne (4:27)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Chacón (4:07)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Schonberg (3:55)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Niekrasz* (2:23)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Treadway (3:49)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Kerr (4:44)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Chase** (3:13)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Custodio (5:19)
Thollem’s Keyngdrum with Rozatti (4:35)

With a Rhodes, Elkapiano 88, analog effects and a simple handheld digital recorder, Thollem recorded spontaneous duos with 10 different drummers from the east coast, west coast, the midwest the southwest and Budapest, all of them for the first, and so far, only time with this configuration…and attitude. Each of these drummers take Thollem in unique directions. The result is Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive: WITH!
Raven Chacón says, “It’s brilliant! Rocks hard as hell too!”
“Thollem is an intense and virtuosic keyboardist” – Time Out New York

Csaba Csendes – Drums, Thollem Electric – Rhodes and Elkapiano 88, Dave Wayne – Drums, Raven Chacón – Drums, Lisa Schonberg – Drums, John Niekrasz – Drums, Heather Treadway – Drums, Ian Kerr – Timpanies, Brian Chase – Drums, André Custodio – Drums and Miles Rozatti – Drums

All tracks recorded by Thollem except *Recorded and mixed by Brian Mumform and **Recorded at Hollow Earth Radio
Mastered by: Nicholas Taplin
Special thanks to: Sam Coomes, Brian Mumford, Angela C Villa, Hollow Earth Radio, and Nicholas Taplin.
Cover photo by Angela C Villa at the Goldrush Music Festival, Sidewinder Tavern, Denver, CO, 2013

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Excerpt from “with Rozatti”