Nathaniel Braddock – Guitar Ensembles: If I Were a Bell I Would Sing (MP3 or Cassette Tape)


UPDL26 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

A1 – 33 Changes 1
A2 – Warmth
A3 – The Haunted Monkey Graveyard Forest at Night
A4 – Ill-Tempered Ladrang
A5 – Armour Square Vespers
A6 – Mycology and Me
A7 – Spiral Lightwave Dispenser
B1 – 33 Changes 2
B2 – Coldth
B3 – A False Course From Plain

Braddock’s guitar ensemble compositions explore traditions of process music. The core pieces are inspired by change ringing, an English church bell music (“A False Course” and “33 Changes”), and this theme of bells and bell music permeates all the tracks. Other works use the process of serialism or the structure of Javanese gamelan music. Several works are microtonal. Nathaniel Braddock also records fingerstyle guitar and African music with Trio Mokili and the Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int’l among others.

All compositions by Nathaniel Braddock, except A7 composed by Television Power Electric, arr. Braddock.
Tracks B2, B3 recorded by Jeremy Lemos at Semaphore, mixed at Clava 08/2002
Tracks A1, A2, A6, B1 recorded by Kris Poulin at Four Deuces 08/2004
Tracks A7 recorded by Kris Poulin at the Lab East 09/2004
Tracks A3, A4, A5 recorded by Kris Poulin at Four Deuces 09/2004

Mastered by Jeremy Lemos at Women’s Steam Room 2012.

Players appearing on the record:
Nathaniel Braddock: all tracks
Jim Elkington: A3, A4, A5, B3
Chuck Falzone: B3
Jacob Kart: B3
Nick Macri: B3
Andrew Rench: A7
Dan Sullivan: A3, A4, A5, B3
Tobin Summerfield: B3
William Whitmer: B3

Excerpt from “33 Changes 1”

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