Union Pole Tape Archive – All 76 Releases (MP3)


UP01~76 – Digital Download
All 76 Union Pole Tapes

All zipped up at a bit over 6 GB. Might take a little while to download…

UP01 – Various Artists “The Legend of Ross”
UP02 – Wallpaper “The Various Decorative…”
UP03 – Matthew Hattie Hein “Long Distance Letter / Ramen and…”
UP04 – Wallpaper “Slow Love Songs About…”
UP05 – Noggin “Honesty Hope Notions Lotions”
UP06 – Irving Klaw Trio “King of Pin-ups”
UP07 – Wham-O “Confussed Over Expressions…”
UP08 – Help Me “Strobe Photos of a Falling Cat”
UP09 – Jarvik-VII / Bone Cure “Jarvik-VII / Bone Cure” split
UP10 – Action Pussy “Hi”
UP11 – Wallpaper “Domestic Landscape Activities”
UP12 – Saliva “This is Saliva”
UP13 – Various Artists “Everybody Knows This is…”
UP14 – Azalia Snail “Teenage Bedroom”
UP15 – The Conniptions “Pistol Whipped”
UP16 – Tony Green Orchestra “Greatest Hits”
UP17 – Blowhole “Explicit Catharsis”
UP18 – Irving Klaw Trio “S/T”
UP19 – Crank Sturgeon / Wham-O “Split”
UP20 – Mark “Regressing”
UP21 – Harpin’ with Corey “I Want More Candy”
UP22 – Crayon Skidder “Buck Rodgers”
UP23 – Asrielle “S/T”
UP24 – Bruiser “Infant”
UP25 – The A Band “Live at 7th Annual Neil Young…”
UP26 – Various Artists “A Large Bottle of Gallo…”
UP27 – Help Me “Charter Issue: Here!”
UP28 – Dancing Test Tubes / Cock E.S.P. “Split”
UP29 – Prick Decay “Cuba, Planet Cuba!”
UP30 – Wallpaper “Unreleased”
UP31 – Jackie-O-Motherfucker “Shit to Gold”
UP32 – Climax Golden Twins “Climax Golden Hiss”
UP33 – Incoming Stains “IS2”
UP34 – Coffee “Plouble Datinum”
UP35 – Kite Height “S/T”
UP36 – Incoming Stains “IS4”
UP37 – Dogliveroil “S/T”
UP38 – Inca Eyeball “Our Drummer Always Plays…”
UP39 – Household Objects “S/T”
UP40 – Trumans Water “Cough Forth Such Dilemas”
UP41 – Neil Campbell “Face of Scurf”
UP42 – Expose Your Eyes “The Clock Don’t Walk”
UP43 – Rinpingo Beesto “Early Recordings”
UP44 – Selah “S/T”
UP45 – Wrong “Can’t Buy Me…”
UP46 – The Amputease “Sick Jazz”
UP47 – Ashtray Navigations / Aggressive Misery “Four Raga…”
UP48 – Coffee Kulture “S/T”
UP49 – Coits “Construct Your Own Guitar”
UP50 – Harpin’ with Corey “Himself”
UP51 – KF36 “S/T”
UP52 – Squished “Short in Front…”
UP53 – Neil Campbell “Is Not Here”
UP54 – Ryan Poulos / Jeff Fuccillo “Cassingle”
UP55 – Prick Decay and Neil Campbell “Rate of CHB…”
UP56 – Malaise “S/T”
UP57 – Thee Electrocutionists “Sorry: Not in Service”
UP58 – Emil Hagstrom “Too Busy Watching Baywatch…”
UP59 – Rinpingo Beesto “Oracion”
UP60 – DVL “Live On”
UP61 – Jackie O Motherfucker Their 2nd (“Cross Pollinate”)
UP62 – Wham-O “Awake”
UP63 – Trumans Water “No Dead Space”
UP64 – Montessouri “Inconvenience”
UP65 – Jon & Dane “Mega Mike and Friends”
UP66 – Monostat 3 “Beyond The Rim”
UP67 – King Frog “We are the Rendering Men…”
UP68 – Red Flower Society “Safety First!”
UP69 – Minnow “S/T”
UP70 – Uncontrollable Souls “S/T”
UP71 – Picks & Lighters “Honeymoon in the Projects”
UP72 – Chromatic Persuaders “Psychopathic Soulfire”
UP73 – French Paddleboat “Rome Loves Tan”
UP74 – Lord Kalvert “Al Green vs. Venom”
UP75 – Charlie Parker “The Gospel According to…”
UP76 – Picks & Lighters “So Long in Duct Tape & Blood”

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