Ayal Senior – Crypt of the Necrodancer (MP3 or Cassette Tape)


UPDL30 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

See You in the Sewer
2 Dead 2 Die
Peace to Gal Costa
Who Am I To Slay?
Overlapping Smells
Crypt of the Necrodancer (L.A. Nite ’84)
Finish Your Thought
When Jordan Played for the Wizards
What Past?
All the Streets Are Silent
The Night for Thieves
I Convinced You To Like Dubstep
Bruce Lee’s Sister
Night Poem

This album is a curious collection of riddles, charades, mazes, enigmas, rebuses, anagrams, transpositions, conundrums, amusing puzzles, queer sleights, recreations in arithmetic, fireside games, & natural magic, embracing entertaining amusements in magnetism, chemistry, second sight & other illusions.

(In memoriam: Richard Paul, Michael Snow)

Thank you Jeff Fuccillo

dramatis personae:
music & artwork: Ayal Senior
(all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed)

cover art design: Jason Funk

Recorded at The Library, 2022-23

Listen to “All the Streets are Silent”

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