C. Worth – Harm (MP3)


UPDL23 – Digital Download
Track Listing
Part One

Un Pressentiment / Low Expectations
Ma Dame Cubaine

Part Two

Baltimore – North Carey (1)
Baltimore – North Carey (2)

Part Three

Dusky Low Corridor

Sharp Flowers

Guitars, shortwave radios, VCR.
Recorded live in NYC, January 2017, mostly during inauguration weekend, except Part 2, which was recorded to tape in empty row houses in Reading, PA, and in Baltimore, MD, 2015.
Assistant at large: Robert Harden.

Cover drawing by Charles LaReau.

Thanks to Jeff, Charles, and Brantley, and to the two amplifiers that gave their lives in service to this recording.

For Chuck Brown.
(P) 2017 by C. Worth

Excerpt from “Ma Dame Cubaine”