Tony Green Orchestra – Strong, But Not Too Sweet


UPDL31 – Digital Download or Cassette Tape
Track Listing

Shoulda Stayed Home
Prison Death Metal Band
Big Dixie
Especially William O. Douglas
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
No Boyfriends at the Funeral
Mrs. Mink’s Closet
Naked Man (Part 1)
Naked Man (Part 2)
Bare Naked Delight
Can’t Feel Blue

Tony Green: Guitar and Vocals
Mattiey Gaunt: Bass
Shelley Short: Vocals
Sean Flora: guitar, percussion, keyboard, vocals
Andrew McGough: percussion

Outside cover photo: Roger Jensen
Inside cover photo: Mary Tapogna
Recorded by Sean Flora
Produced by Tony Green and Sean Flora
Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham
All songs by Ashbel S. Green

Thanks to Mattiey Gaunt and Nellie Bridge for their contributions to Big Dixie.
Thanks to Sean Flora for his contribution to No Boyfriends at the Funeral

Listen to “Prison Death Metal Band”

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