Track Listing

  1. Ustulate, To Vomit
  2. Jumping The Nets
  3. Throwing Pennies At Mice
  4. Weidler
  5. MLK Jr.
  6. (Whenever I Go To) Sandy
  7. Totalitarism
  8. Force
  9. Balachander #3
  10. France, She's A Dick
  11. Jumping The Nets
  12. Gerbal Pissed Off Because His Truck Wont Start
  13. The Ocean, Because I Cry

Available as a Digital Download.

13 tracks traversing the Derek Bailey, John Fahey, Loren MazzaCane and Dr. S. Balachander guitar-scape. Track titles taken from 90s board-games, Portland street names and quotes from the film "Heavy Metal Parking Lot". Originally released on 7 labels: Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Bobby J., Chocolate Monk, Ecstatic Peace!, Giardia, Sweet Baboo and Union Pole.

One-time pressing of 700.
Originally released in 1996.