Tetsu Mineta

Cassette Tape and Me

Track Listing

  1. Panic in Zoo
  2. Asshole
  3. Scene #33
  4. From Outer Space
  5. Gates of Lucifer
  6. One Chord Blues Stomp
  7. Apartment No. 9 Boogie Woogie

Available on Cassette and as a Digital Download.

A portrait of the guitarist and the tape into which he goes. Blues stomps, folky romps and electric boogaloo round it all out.

Tetsu Mineta plays GUITAR, Piano, Modular SYNTH and TAPE collage.
Takumi-chan plays drums on One Chord Blues Stomp.
Recorded at Echo Point Studio, Kawasaki City February, 2015.
Four Track and DR-07.

Excerpt from "Scene #33"

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