Track Listing

  1. Louise
  2. Peta
  3. Lucy
  4. Anne

Available as a Digital Download.

The never released recording that-was-to-be the first every Union Pole CD. The fact that it was never released allowed UPTapes to remain analog-only after all of these years. Phew. But here it is! Neil Campbell and Stewart Walden's band from 1993 preserved in all of its glory. Sun-Ra on Jupiter. Not Saturn. Jupiter.

Neil Campbell - voice, synth, small instruments
Stewart Walden - voice, synth, small instruments
Janet Bradley - bass, guitar, drums, synth
Kate Eaton - guitar, drums, bass, synth
Frances Hampton - drums, bass, guitar, synth

All songs written by OFF, except the lyrics to "Peta" which are by Sharen Woodward
Recorded on 3rd November 1993 at Neptune Studios, Sheffield
Produced by Billy "Strange" Irvine
Engineered by Duncan Wheat

Excerpt from "Louise"