Various Artists

I Present This

Track Listing

  1. Help Me - The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
  2. Refrigerator - Waitress
  3. Wallpaper - Inc
  4. Irving Klaw Trio - Whitfield Pts. I, II and III
  5. The Mountain Goats - The Rain Song
  6. Good Horsey - New Country
  7. New Bad Things - Brian's Song
  8. Bugskull - Mandroid

Available as a Digital Download.

An eight song compilation of lo-fi greatness from an era of greatness. Help Me, Refrigerator, Wallpaper, Irving Klaw Trio, The Mountain Goats, Good Horsey, New Bad Things and Bugskull all crammed into 15 min, 30 sec all crammed onto a little seven inch record.

One-time pressing of 700.
Originally released in 1994.